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The 39 People – a Tale on What It Means to Be Gay in Africa

“You are standing in court today for charges of prostitution and vagrancy”. Here I was, Ouma, 35 years old, being told by a judge that I am a prostitute. How did that happen? A few weeks earlier, as I was going on with my day in the suburbs of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, I got arrested by the police. What was my offense? Being gay. The Tanzanian government had started arbitrary arresting LGBT individuals and throwing them in jail. I was not the only one getting arrested that day.

How Family Planning Changed my Perspective on Life - Working with C.H.A.T

Nothing in life is really what it seems. The human eye can only see what is in front of it. As a child, I used to believe there were happiness, peace, and unity in life; I was hopeful and I believed life was perfect. My mindset as a child was to always see the positive side of things. Was it naive? I don’t know. After all, a child’s perspective is like a blank canvas, eager to learn more about the world. I learned a few lessons that opened my eyes since. My dad passed away and changed my mom’s

Review - Colourpop

If you look at it a bit more closely, the composition of the palette is pretty smart; you have matte and shimmery shades, neutral shades for an everyday look as well as bold shades, and every shades you might need to achieve a variety of looks is available with just this palette. Have I ever told you how much I HATE when you can't make a whole eye look with one palette? WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE PALETTE THEN??? I just can't bother using a zillion palettes at once (who does? seriously?). AN.Y.WAYS
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